COMETSA Radio Podcast

The LEKGOTLA Checking-In, Networking, Opening and Introduction

September 25, 2021

HERITAGE TO HERITAGE! This is the kick-off of this month COMETSA Diversity Management & Inclusion Network (DMIN) - The LEKGOTLA Way! We are celebrating the Heritage Day and Month in South Africa by reminding ourselves of our desire to build a "Rainbow Nation". In Diversity we are strong! I am Because You Are! That is Ubuntu. This is our monthly PMS LEKGOTLA Network Series (PMS = Professional Management Services). The DMIN - The LEKGOTLA Way is a virtual get together of Diversity Management, Inclusion and Belonging practitioners, specialists, coaches, mentors, consultants, advisors, facilitators, and scholars. Today we are streaming our entire LEKGOTLA live via COMETSA Global Online Channels and distribute on LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch.TV, and Twitter. Celebrate and Enjoy Heritage Day & Month with us by gaining insights into Diversity.

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