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Part 1 Why Some Strategies Succeed and Others Fail?

March 17, 2021

Why some Strategies fail while others succeed”? What are key factors to a successful Strategy? What are contributing factors to a failed strategy? This is the theme of our monthly Strategy Development and Implementation 101 Conversation Show at COMETSA Radio Worldwide, hosted by our DJs/Hosts/Broadcasters Mr Rapula Modibane and Mr Ramabaka Tshimole this Wednesday 17 th March 2021.

They will be in conversation with Mr Ignatius Odongo (Phd Candidate). He is a Managing Director of Entrepreneurship Journey (Pty) Ltd., a company that specialized in helping youth to translate their ideas into business solutions. He holds a Masters of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship, a Masters of Practicing Management, International Masters of Business Administration (International Business),, Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing Management, and a Diploma in Mechanical & Production Engineering. Ignatius is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM, UK) with the designation FCIM, showcasing his tremendous achievement within the marketing industry. Ignatius has also recently been appointed as a mentor of CIM’s highly valued global mentoring programme, where he will be supporting marketers of the future by utilizing his industry knowledge and experience. He has over 26 years of management and technical expertise and has implemented more than 120 consulting assignments in strategy and related areas in some 10 countries in Africa and Asia. He has experience in the following sectors: financial services (banking, microfinance and insurance), hospitality industry, small and medium sized enterprises, agriculture, consumer goods, telecommunication, education sector, utilities (water, electricity and gas), social and rural development, private security, and public health, among others.

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