COMETSA Radio Podcast

Leadership & Succession

March 1, 2019

Preparing the youth to lead societies of the world into the future is not negotiable. The 4th Industrial Revolution is dislodging leaders who are refusing to led go and handover to these rightful owners of our destiny, our youth. Identification of the next layer of leadership, succession and transition management is the responsibility of the incumbent leaders to effect. Failure to do so is an indictment of this current leadership. The society will see through such failure and will not pardon you for this ignorant and careless conduct. Even your children will hate you for it, and will not forgive you in your grave. So, let us do the right thing, prepare our youth, and freely handover the ropes to them while there is still time. Then our role, for as long as we are still alive, is to mentor and share our wisdom with them. In that way we will live longer and be appreciated as the wisemen and women of the society. Otherwise they will despise us.

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